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Velocity and DevOps Day US was a success, now what?


Damon Edwards / 


Now that DevOps Day US and Velocity are in the past, where can you go for in person DevOps discussions?

Below are the DevOps Meetups that I know about:

In the San Francisco Bay area…
Tonight (!) Tuesday July 6 is the Silicon Valley DevOps Meetup

In the Los Angeles area…
Wednesday July 14 is the SoCal DevOps Meetup

In the Boston area…
Tonight (!) Tuesday July 6 is the Boston DevOps Meetup 

Across the pond in the London area…
The London DevOps Group meets regularly and has a great site.

And of course don’t forget about the second installment of DevOps Days 2010 Europe October 15 – 16 in Hamburg Germany.

If you are looking for some online discussion, you can check out the following lists/groups:
DevOps Toolchain Google Group
Agile Systems Administration Google Group
DevOps LinkedIn Group
DevOps Google Group

Don’t forget #devops on Twitter.


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Bonus: Here’s an interesting video interview with Patrick Debois (instigator of the DevOps Days conferences) by Daniel Cukier at the DevOps Day 2010 after-party.

2 Responses

  1. Adrian Howchin says:

    Is the audio/video of the presentations available anywhere?

  2. dev2ops Admin says:

    Video will be on soon (it’s out of my control but they recorded all of the proceedings and say will start posting videos soon).