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Kanban for DevOps Class and Meetup

Damon Edwards / 

I normally don’t announce commercial classes… but this is a special case. On Thursday (3/22) and Friday (3/23) there is going to be a Kanban for DevOps class here in Silicon Valley (Sunnyvale, CA to be precise).

The class is being taught by Dominica Degrandis who has been following the DevOps movement for David J. Anderson and Associates (widely recognized as an authoritative source of Kanban knowledge and training… probably because they wrote the book).

Kanban has been around for a while in the Dev world (and of course for decades in the manufacturing world). Recently, the idea of using Kanban to being Dev and Ops together under a common visualization of flow is picking up steam in the DevOps community. This is going to be the first class of its kind. In addition to Dominica’s curriculum, I’m just as excited about the interaction with the other attendees (Gene Kim, Alex Honor, John Willis, etc.). The discount rate is $800 (use the code DEVOPSDELIVER). I have no financial stake in the class. I just think it will be well worth it. If you have questions please direct them towards Dominica at

But wait there is more….

On the evening of Thursday (3/22), we are going to be having a special eddition of the Silicon Valley DevOps Meetup. Most of the attendees from the Kanban for DevOps class are going to be there. Of course we’ll talk a lot about DevOps and Kanban but Gene Kim is also going to be there to discuss the research (and perhaps do some live reading) from his new book “When IT Fails: The Novel”. Like all SV DevOps Meetups, this is a free event (and rumor has it that Enstratus is springing for the pizza).

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