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Mitchell Hashimoto shows why Vagrant is a cool and useful tool (video)
DevOps Panel at Interop 2011 Las Vegas (Video)
Adam Rosien on how Wealthfront moves fast and agile (Video)
“Meet the DevOps Experts” panel at Cloud Connect 2011 (video)
Video: Lloyd Taylor on diagnosing and transforming your organization
Video Q&A: Adam Rosien on how Continuous Deployment relies on great testing
Video Q&A: Aaron Peterson and Kevin Gray on self-healing infrastructure
Anthony Shortland on strategies for solving DevOps problems (Video)
Videos from DevOps Day 2010 panels!
Panel discussion from OpsCamp San Francisco (video)
Videos: Jesse Robbins, Ezra Zygmuntowicz, Colleen Smith at Cloud Connect 2010
Videos: Michael Coté, Travis Campbell, Erica Brescia, Andrew Shafer at OpsCamp Austin 2010
Videos: Luke Kanies, Bill Karpovich, Ernest Mueller at OpsCamp Austin 2010
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