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“Meet the DevOps Experts” panel at Cloud Connect 2011 (video)


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I had the pleasure of being the track chair for the DevOps Track at Cloud Connect 2011. It was a short track (3 sessions) but thankfully a great lineup of all-stars accepted my invitation to participate!

Here is the video from the panel featuring all of our DevOps Track speakers. The audio is a bit soft in parts, but I think you’ll find it to be great content. I played the role of moderator and spent most of my time in the audience getting questions from the attendees. 


Andrew Shafer – Cloud Scaling
Teyo Tyree – Puppet Labs
Alex Honor – DTO Solutions / Rundeck Project
James Urquhart – Cisco
Juan Paul Ramirez – Shopzilla
Lloyd Taylor – ngmoco:)


Note: Some of the attendees had video cameras out and may have recorded the other sessions in the track. If I uncover those videos, I’ll post it ASAP.


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  1. Randy Bias says:

    Who's that joker in the suit and tie!! ;-P

    Nice job, Andrew.


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  3. Who’s that joker in the suit and tie!! ;-P

    Nice job, Nick Pineault..

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  6. Green Essay says:

    Some of the attendees had clip cams away moreover might possess recorded the alternative meetings in the course.

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  11. I played the duty of judge plus drained most of my date in the house getting inquires from the attendees.

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  15. I played the role of moderator and spent most of my time in the audience getting questions from the attendees.

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