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DevOps Days Mountain View 2011: DevOps Metrics & Measurement (Video)


Damon Edwards / 

Panel at DevOps Days Mountain View 2011 on DevOps Metrics and Measurement.

Alexis Lê-Quôc (Datadog)
Patrick Debois (Jedi)
Vladimir Vuksan (Broadcom)
Brian Doll (New Relic)
Laurie Denness (Etsy)
Andrew Shafer (Cloudscaling)

Moderator: John Allspaw (Etsy)

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DevOps Days Mountain View:

Special thanks to LinkedIn for hosting DevOps Days Mountain View 2011.

Also, thank you to the sponsors:
AppDynamics  DTO Solutions  Google  MaestroDev  New Relic  Nolio
O’Reilly Media  PagerDuty  Puppet Labs  Reactor8  Splunk  StreamStep
ThoughtWorks  Usenix


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