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Using Rundeck and Chef to Build DevOps Toolchains at #ChefConf 2012


Anthony Shortland / 

I presented at #ChefConf 2012 in Burlingame last Thursday on using Rundeck and Chef to Build DevOps toolchains.

The heart of the presentation was a demonstration of continuous build and deployment showing Adam Jacob’s chef-rundeck plugin working as a Rundeck resource model source (node provider) and jobs using knife and the Chef server API to manage databag-based application configuration.

At the process level, the presentation connects the dots between service delivery platform design and the loosely-coupled toolchains.

Despite the hotel-wide power outage in the middle of the presentation, the video crew recovered nicely! Below you will find the video and the slides.

11 Responses

  1. Damon Edwards says:

    That was a smooth transition considering the massive power outage!

  2. Mr Homestay says:

    Trying to play the video but it’s failed. Maybe my internet is so bad. But thank u

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