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It’s the 5th Anniversary of DevOps
Rundeck and Automating Operations at Salesforce (Videos)
How to initiate a DevOps Transformation (Video)
How Adobe turned operations into a sevice and built a service delivery platform in the cloud
John Willis Notes Notable DevOps Culture Traits
Will Sterling presentation on Rundeck at the April CLUE Meeting (Video)
Rerun: Making shell scripts even more useful (and a bit cool, again)
Automating the full management lifecycle of Jenkins using Rerun
Defining and Improving DevOps Culture (Videos)
Integrating DevOps tools into a Service Delivery Platform (VIDEO)
Using Rundeck and Chef to Build DevOps Toolchains at #ChefConf 2012
High Velocity Release Management with Alex Honor and Betsy Hearnsberger
Kanban and DevOps Roundtable (Video)
Crowbar is quietly getting more interesting – Being Agile about Agile with Andy McLoughlin
Full video of Israel Gat interview (Agile in enterprise, DevOps, Technical Debt)
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