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Videos: Luke Kanies, Bill Karpovich, Ernest Mueller at OpsCamp Austin 2010


Damon Edwards / 

Here’s the first round of “3 Questions” style interviews I filmed at OpsCamp Austin 2010

Luke Kanies (Reductive Labs / Puppet), Bill Karpovich (Zenoss), and Ernest Mueller (National Instruments) were asked:

1. What brought you to OpsCamp?
2. What excites you in 2010?
3. Wildcard question!…


Luke Kanies is the CEO of Reductive Labs and the original author of Puppet.
Wildcard question: How did you enable the Puppet Community’s early success?



Bill Karpovich is the CEO & Co-Founder of Zenoss.
Wildcard question: Where is the innovation happening in monitoring?



Ernest Mueller is a Web Systems Architect at National Instruments.
Wildcard question: What advice do you have for open source toolmakers?


26 Responses

  1. Eva says:

    The videos are very bad quality. Especially the sound. I can barely understand what they are saying.

  2. Damon Edwards says:

    Hi Eva,

    Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the sound. I’ve tried watching these videos on multiple operating systems as both embeds and on the Vimeo site. The sound was clear for me.

    Perhaps there is something wrong with your sound? Can you hear other videos on Vimeo?

    Is anyone else having these problems?


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