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Video Q&A: Adam Rosien on how Continuous Deployment relies on great testing


Damon Edwards / 

Last night, Adam Rosien of Wealthfront (formerly called KaChing) gave a presentation on Continuous Deployment at the Large Scale Production Engineering Meetup on Yahoo’s campus.

Afterwards, I grabbed Adam for a quick chat about a topic that has been troubling me: 

Newcomers to the Continuous Deployment idea often overlook the importance of fully automated testing and instead focus their attention on the number of deployments these companies are making per day.

In the video below, Adam stresses how important a role testing plays in Continuous Deployment. Testing really is the linchpin on which a successful implementation of the Continuous Deployment methodology relies. 

If you are an active reader of this blog or listen to the DevOps Cafe podcast, you probably know by now that we are big fans of the process, tooling, and culture being cultivated by the folks at Wealthfront. Previous content featuring them can be found here, here, and here.

They are not clients of any of the contributors to this blog. We just think that they are a great example of a scrappy company rethinking IT Operations to maximize business value and agility. Their engineering blog is a must read. 


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