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How Adobe turned operations into a sevice and built a service delivery platform in the cloud


Damon Edwards / 

This video is from Velocity Santa Clara in June 2013. Adobe’s Srinivas Peri and SimplifyOps’ Alex Honor discuss how a packaged software tools group turned itself into an internal provider of operations services. Featured in the presentation is CDOT, the platform they built out of open source tools like Rundeck, Chef, Jenkins, and Zabbix (and non-open source technologies like AWS, Splunk, and PagerDuty) . But Beyond the tools, this is an interesting story of learning how to shift a groups mindset and figuring out what your “customers” want along the way. You can view the slides from this presentation here.



2 Responses

  1. Adrian Howchin says:

    So disappointed you guys got cut off! Was there any more recorded after this?

    The comment “We are no longer toolsmiths… we are now a service provider” stood out to me. In my role as a “toolsmith”, I can see how making that mental shift would be beneficial. Thanks for the great video!

    • Srinivas Peri says:

      Hi Adrian,
      We plan to repeat session in one of upcoming Devops days. Please feel to reach out to me( or Alex (, and we can discuss more details.