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High Velocity Release Management with Alex Honor and Betsy Hearnsberger


Damon Edwards / 

This one is for the managers out there who straddle the Dev and Ops divide.

Alex Honor and Betsy Hearnsberger have seen the importance of release management dramatically change over the past decade. Through their collective experiences working inside organizations like E*TRADE,, NASA Ames, and Zynga (as well as Alex’s subsequent consulting work at DTO Solutions) they’ve each amassed a wealth of experience and insight into dealing with high velocity release engineering in large scale and complex organizations.

Since their professional paths have crossed multiple times, I figured I’d get Alex and Betsy together in front of a whiteboard for a chat. In these videos they talk about the common challenges they see, advice for managers addressing these issues, solution approaches that work, and criteria for tool selection.

Please note that these videos were originally shot on July 29, 2011. Due to a technical problem is was thought that these videos were lost. Lucky for us, they have been fully recovered. I’ll have to get them both on camera again soon to discuss how their thinking has evolved since then. 


Part 1: Common problems


Part 2: Management’s approach to the problems


Part 3: Solution patterns and tool selection

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