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Kanban and DevOps Roundtable (Video)


Damon Edwards / 

Ok so it’s more of a semi-circle than a roundtable… I was at the first ever Kanban for DevOps class this past week in Sunnyvale, CA and after looking around the room I couldn’t let these folks go without getting them on video:

  • Luke Kanies (Puppet Labs)
  • John Willis (Enstratus)
  • Gene Kim (Author)
  • Dominica DeGrandis (David J. Anderson & Associates)

Lucky for our readers, they didn’t disappoint. We talk about why we think Kanban is an excellent tool for solving DevOps flow problems and our Kanban experiences thus far. 

Here is the video:


Update: If you are in the Atlanta area, John Willis has started the Atlanta Limited WIP Society!

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