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Video with John Allspaw at Etsy: What to put on the big dashboards


Damon Edwards / 

I had the pleasure of visting the folks at Etsy recently. Etsy is well known in DevOps circles for their Continuous Deploymet and Metrics efforts.

I’ll be posting more videos soon, but in the meantime here is a quick hit I recorded with John Allspaw while he gave me a tour of their Brooklyn HQ. I had just asked John about how they decide what to put on the big dashboards on the wall.

Here is what he told me…

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  1. benr says:

    Awesome vid, any peeks into Ops at Etsy are greatly appreciated.

  2. My take on this is that if you have to look at a dashboard its already far too late unless of course you are in the early stages of knowledge acquisition of a software & system.

    The focus should be on embedding much more self-observation and self-regulation into the software – feedback loops with users b/c we don't scale in such a context as the cloud.

    Activity Based Costing & Metering (ABC/M) – The Ultimate Feedback Loop

    Automated Performance Management starts with Software’s Self Observation

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