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Videos: Michael Coté, Travis Campbell, Erica Brescia, Andrew Shafer at OpsCamp Austin 2010


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Here’s the second round of “3 Questions” style interviews I filmed at OpsCamp Austin 2010. For the first round, go here.

Michael Coté (Redmonk), Travis Campbell (University of Texas / LOPSA), Erica Brescia (BitRock /, and Andrew Shafer (Agile Infrastructure developer and speaker) were asked:

1. What brought you to OpsCamp?
2. What excites you in 2010?
3. Wilcard question!… 


Michael Coté is noted analyst and blogger/podcaster at RedMonk covering primarily enterprise software.
Wildcard question: How can open source projects better interface with analysts?



Travis Campbell is a Senior Systems Administrator at UT Austin and is on the board of directors of LOPSA.
Wildcard question: What does the HPC community think of “cloud computing”? 



Erica Brescia is the CEO of BitRock (sponsors of
Wildcard question: How does BitRock’s unique legacy set it up for success today? 



Andrew Shafer is a blogger, speaker, and developer currently focused on Agile Infrastructure. 
Wildcard question: What advice would you give people looking into the topic of Agile Operations? 



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