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Alex Honor / 

As the name suggests, dev2ops is anything to do with driving application changes from the development world to the operations world in organizations that deliver software as a service. Depending on your place in the organization you might see dev2ops differently: release management, configuration management, software building, deployment, system provisioning, data base administration, etc.

It all depends on your role in the dev2ops process. The dev2ops process might be the sole concern of one person or might be undertaken by many hands. But, anyone involved with it knows that it is a difficult, slow, error prone and time intensive process that usually occurs at the worst times (late at night and on weekends). Today’s 24/7 always on service availability requirements make it all the more difficult.

Because the dev2ops work can be split across so many roles in the organization, there doesn’t seem to be a natural home for its discussion. That is the purpose of this forum. Here one can discuss emerging best practices and pitfalls, attempt to analyze and understand challenges or just vent and relay your tales from the trenches to other dev2ops folk!

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