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Nick Carr’s “The Big Switch” – Review of Part 2

Damon Edwards / 

You may want to read my review of Part 1 first.

Part 1 of Nick Carr’s “The Big Switch” was much more relevant to this blog so I’ll be brief in discussing Part 2…

While Part 1 was a well thought out analysis of economic history and it’s relevance to the trends we are seeing today, Part 2 just seems like a scare piece that you’d see in a major city newspaper looking to cook up some ratings.

Part 2 has lots of doom and gloom about the social ills of living our lives online and how there is a new breed of digital raiders (that’s my term) who are getting rich off all of our online backs. Nick is very quick to pile on the examples of the negative impact of our new connected world, but somehow manages to miss almost all of the examples of how this new connected world improves millions of lives socially and economically.

It’s my non-expert opinion that “The Big Switch” is really a collection of unfinished essays that were put together to make a book. Buy the book for Part 1, but stick around and read Part 2. If anything, Part 2 will give you great material to stir up some sensationalistic conversation at your next cocktail party.

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