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DevOps Meetup Recap

Damon Edwards / 

The first San Francisco Bay Area DevOps Meetup was a success!

We met at the venerable tech hang out, The Old Pro, in Palo Alto. We had the upstairs private area, a killer food spread, and plenty of free beer (thanks again BitRock, rPath, and DTO Solutions). By my count, we ended up with a total of 19 DevOps enthusiasts in attendance.


The conversation was great. Of course, there were plenty of discussions about tools. However, I was also impressed with the amount of the conversation that leaned towards the cultural and organizational issues surrounding DevOps. It was great to talk to people from a diverse set of companies (VMware, Lyris, OnLive, Hi5, OpsCode, ITPI… to name a few) and get a sense of their views on DevOps problems and solutions. The good news is that we all seemed to share similar visions at the broadest scale… but of course, definitions and implementation details were where the conversation got interesting!

We’re going to try to make this meetup a regular thing. If you weren’t able to make this one, hopefully you can make the next one.


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