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DevOps Cafe Podcast now available on iTunes!

Damon Edwards / 

John Willis (, @botchagalupe on Twitter, and VP of Services at Opscode) and I (@damonedwards on Twitter and President of DTO Solutions) have started a new podcast. We call it the DevOps Cafe. The name is a take on the popular Cloud Cafe series that John used to do.

Our primary goal for the DevOps Cafe podcast? Explore the emerging fields of DevOps and Agile Operations. While you couldn’t stop John and I from adding our own commentary and experiences if you tried, this will primarily be an interview driven show. We are going to seek out the people in the trenches who are pioneering these new trends and bring them directly to you on a regular basis.

Our secondary goal? To have some fun.

The first two episodes are now available:

Episode 1 – Guest: Lindsay Holmwood (DevOps Days Down Under organizer; Cucumber-Nagios and Flapjack developer)

Episode 2 – Guest: John Allspaw (VP of Technical Operations at Etsy; Frequent public speaker and author)



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