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DTO at Velocity 2011

John Willis / 

Meet the DTO team at Velocity 2011.  Damon, Alex, myself and the rest of the gang will be attending Velocity in full force thus year.  We will have a booth again this year and we will also have a special guest @lusis (a.k.a. John Vincent) the author of Noah.  John, Alex, and myself plan on giving a killer booth demo using Rundeck, Chef, and Noah integrating command and control, orchestraion, convergence and good old fashion configuration management.  The demo will highlight multiple components of what we call the “Loosely Coupled Toolchain”.  Damon and Lee Thompson will be giving a presentation “Automating for Success: Production Begins in Development” and of course we will be attending and speaking at DevopsDays Mountainview.  Please stop by to spread some #devops love at the booth if you don’t see us in the hall.


John (a.k.a. @botchagalupe ) 

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