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Video: Marten Mickos and Rich Wolski talk DevOps and Private Clouds


Damon Edwards / 

I ran into Marten Mickos and Rich Wolski from Eucalyptus Systems at PuppetConf and got them to sit down for a quick video alongside my fellow and DevOps Cafe contributor, John Willis.

I had just come out of Marten’s keynote where he spoke about DevOps far more than I would have expected. In this video we explore the deep connection between DevOps and Private Clouds as well as other industry changes for which they are planning.

Eucalyptus was one of the first private cloud technologies on the scene, and consequently got the benefit and burden of being the early mover. The community had some ups and downs along the way, but their product and industry vision seems encouraging and warrants a closer look (and never count out Marten Mickos in an open source software battle).

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  10. Connie says:

    Rich was the guy who got me into computers in the first place! Great and terribly smart person.

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