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The (Comedic) Truth about DevOps

The (Comedic) Truth about DevOps


Damon Edwards / 

Many serious words have been written about DevOps, including my own “What is DevOps?” post. But sometimes a bit of comedy helps drive home some fundamental truth.

Behold Adam Jacob (CTO of Opscode): 

Note: this was part of Adam’s “Choose Your Own Adventure” talk at Velocity. Be sure to check out the other videos from his show talk. 2 drink minimum not required.

Panel discussion from OpsCamp San Francisco (video)

Damon Edwards / 

My fellow contributor, Lee Thompson, and I were asked to be a part of an impromptu panel discussion that kicked off OpsCamp San Francisco.

The results were an interesting and organic conversation that ranged from “DevOps”, to “repository and dependency management”, to “security is not compliance”, to “managing multiple data centers”, and to a variety of other topics in the span of 24 minutes.

Luckily, we got it all on video.  (Special thanks to Erica Brescia from Bitnami for doing the camera work!)

OpsCamp San Francisco 2010 Panel Discussion from on Vimeo.


DevOps and Visible Ops Webinar is Today

DevOps and Visible Ops Webinar is Today

Damon Edwards / 

I was asked by the folks at rPath to present on DevOps for a webinar called:
DevOps, The Visible Ops and Other Emerging Practices for High-Velocity, Low-Cost IT

Not being one to turn down a chance to talk about DevOps, I said yes.

It’s more of a panel of three short presentations rather than one joint presentation, but I think we’ll each have some interesting to say about our respective fields. Tune in to see how I do. There will be a Q&A session at the end… so think of some good questions.

This webinar is today, April 15 at 2pm EDT / 11am PDT (18:00 UTC)

The speakers will be:

Kevin Behr – Co-author of the legendary “The Visible Ops Handbook” 
Damon Edwards – That’s me
Erik Troan – CTO of rPath and one of the original developers of RPM 


Full details and registration…

DevOps Toolchain project announced at O’Reilly’s Velocity online conference

DevOps Toolchain project announced at O’Reilly’s Velocity online conference

Lee Thompson / 

If you are the type who gets distracted at work while trying to stay plugged into the industry, yesterday was a big big problem.  In Austin, you had SXSW going on; in San Francisco, you had OSBC; in San Jose you had Cloud Connect; and on the internet you had the O’Reilly Velocity Online Conference.  Wow!

The dev2ops guys were busy.  Damon and Alex were presenting at Cloud Connect while I was presenting at Velocity OLC.  I’m an Austin resident, but SXSW really isn’t the DevOps hang-out, at least yet! (heh). 

At Velocity, it was my privilege to announce the next generation of the provisioning toolchain project.  Some of the feedback we received from the original toolchain paper was from the front lines of DevOps: “yeah that’s pretty interesting, but there is alot more to a datacenter than just provisioning”. Good point.

So we scope creeped the hell out of the automated provisioning paper and started the devops-toolchain project dedicated to defining best practices in DevOps and open source tools available to accomplish those practices. 


So this time, the devops-toolchain project is an opensource community driven project, which due to its nature will need to be reved frequently due to the constantly shifting nature of “best practices”.  We’ve kicked started some of the content at  and formed a Google Group for the discussion at Come join the conversation!

Here are the slides from my presentation:



The Velocity team did a great job hosting the conference! An example of the great content presented is from Ward Spangenberg from Zynga. He updated us on the latest on security in Cloud deployments.  Getting security worked out gets more compute into the cloud:


I’m an OSBC alumni. If you’re into vintage conference or need to find a way to get over insomnia, check this out from 2007… contributers presenting at Cloud Connect and Velocity Online Conferences contributers presenting at Cloud Connect and Velocity Online Conferences

Damon Edwards / 

Perhaps proving that you can be two place at the same time, contributers will be presenting at two different conferences tomorrow (Wednesday, March 17):



Alex Honor and Damon Edwards will be presenting at Cloud Connect in San Jose, CA at 8:30am (PDT):
“Orchestration: The Next Frontier for Cloud Applications”






Lee Thompson will be presenting on the Open Source Toolchain Project at O’Reilly’s Velocity Online at 9:00am (PDT). Registration for this online event is FREE! 


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