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Teaming with the Open Management Consortium on a Software Operations Design Pattern Repository

Damon Edwards / 

After Alex’s post yesterday on the need for design patterns, he contacted the Open Management Consortium (OMC) about setting up Design Pattern Repository specifically for those who are creating Operations solutions.

Whurley (fearless leader of the OMC) liked the idea:

“Well, as you all know this is exactly how we want the OMC to operate; community lead. So we have created a new workspace under the “Open Standards” section of the website called “OMC Design Patterns”. Thanks to ahonor for the idea and for volunteering to kick things off and help manage the workspace. You can link directly to the workspace (from your blog or other sites) using the following URL:

It will be very interesting to see how much adoption this idea picks up. I for one will be participating heavily in the workspace as ahonor has a great idea/perspective that I hope others join in support of.”

Be sure to subscribe to that section of the OMC site and join in the discussion.

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