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“What does Bob want?” – an amusing lesson about figuring out what actually matters to the business


Damon Edwards / 

This is a great episode of Redmonk’s People Over Process podcast:

For anyone interested in systems management or automating operations this one is not to be missed. The interview is with John Willis (master independent Tivoli consultant) on the state of the enterprise systems management world.

The most impressive part is John’s retelling of his conference favorite “What does Bob want?” story. This modern business fable (based on a true story) really should strike a nerve in anyone who has been involved in systems management implementations. We’ve all heard terms like “business and IT alignment”.. but how often does it really happen? What may seem like a success to the guys in the trenches will seem like a letdown (at best) or failure (at worst) to the business leader who signed the check.

Or as the interviewer, Coté from Redmonk, puts it:
This is about “understanding what it is that the company wants to accomplish with the software, not just making the software do what it does”

2 Responses

  1. Cote' says:

    I’m glad you liked the episode 😉

    John and I are have been planning on starting up a weekly podcast on the topic of IT management, so hopefully we’ll get that going and, more importantly, it’ll have content you enjoy as well 😉

  2. Botchagalupe says:

    Cool Beans…

    I am glad you liked it. It’s funny I have given the presentation so many times at Tivoli user groups and in classes I have actually seen others tell the story while I am in the room. I sure hope that wasn’t my 15 minutes of fame!!!