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DevOps Days Mountain View 2011: DevOps State of the Union (Video)

Damon Edwards / 

To open DevOps Days Mountain View 2011, John Willis (DTO Solutions) delivers an energetic review of how we got here and provides a glimpse of where we are going.

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DevOps Days Mountain View:

Special thanks to LinkedIn for hosting DevOps Days Mountain View 2011.

Also, thank you to the sponsors:
AppDynamics  DTO Solutions  Google  MaestroDev  New Relic  Nolio
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More Video with John Allspaw at Etsy: Dashboard tour & metrics discussion

Damon Edwards / 

Here’s another video I shot with John Allspaw at Etsy’s Brooklyn, NY offices…

00:00 – John gives a tour of the big dashboards

02:42 – Zoom in on key deployment dashboard (yes, that says 24.6 code deploys per day!)

04:52 – John jumps on the whiteboard to explain what goes into their metrics efforts 

See the previous video with John.

Video with John Allspaw at Etsy: What to put on the big dashboards


Damon Edwards / 

I had the pleasure of visting the folks at Etsy recently. Etsy is well known in DevOps circles for their Continuous Deploymet and Metrics efforts.

I’ll be posting more videos soon, but in the meantime here is a quick hit I recorded with John Allspaw while he gave me a tour of their Brooklyn HQ. I had just asked John about how they decide what to put on the big dashboards on the wall.

Here is what he told me…

Kohsuke Kawaguchi presents Jenkins to Silicon Valley DevOps Meetup (Video)

Damon Edwards / 

Kohsuke Kawaguchi stopped by the Silicon Valley DevOps Meetup on June 7, 2011 to give an in-depth tour of Jenkins. Kohsuke is the founder of both the Hudson and the Jenkins open source projects and now works for CloudBees.

Kohsuke’s presentation covered not only the Jenkins basics but also more advanced topics like distributed builds in the cloud, the matrix project, and build promotion. Video and slides are below.

Once again, thanks to for hosting the event!

DTO at Velocity 2011

DTO at Velocity 2011

John Willis / 

Meet the DTO team at Velocity 2011.  Damon, Alex, myself and the rest of the gang will be attending Velocity in full force thus year.  We will have a booth again this year and we will also have a special guest @lusis (a.k.a. John Vincent) the author of Noah.  John, Alex, and myself plan on giving a killer booth demo using Rundeck, Chef, and Noah integrating command and control, orchestraion, convergence and good old fashion configuration management.  The demo will highlight multiple components of what we call the “Loosely Coupled Toolchain”.  Damon and Lee Thompson will be giving a presentation “Automating for Success: Production Begins in Development” and of course we will be attending and speaking at DevopsDays Mountainview.  Please stop by to spread some #devops love at the booth if you don’t see us in the hall.


John (a.k.a. @botchagalupe ) 

Mitchell Hashimoto shows why Vagrant is a cool and useful tool (video)

Damon Edwards / 

At last night’s San Francisco DevOps Meetup, Mitchell Hashimoto (creator of Vagrant) was the featured speaker.

Mitchell gave a quick overview of why Vagrant is important and then gets into some interesting and useful tips and tricks. 

Vagrant is one of those interesting tools that has bubbled up from the DevOps community. It’s relatively easy to use and shows that there is a better way to do things (in this case, using virtualization to improve the development and testing lifecycle).

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