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Greenies to drive ITIL adoption in the datacenter? Or, does dev2ops need better organizational alignment?


Alex Honor / 

CMCrossroads news reports: Datacentres at risk from poor governance . Steven Yellen at Aperature Research Institute finds that many datacenter managers admit to using 3 to 5 disjoint configuration management systems and confess to poor configuration management. Yellen then goes on to say that increased ITIL adoption will mitigate these risks and that initiatives towards greener datacenters will encourage ITIL adoption:

…the environmental impact of the datacentre is going to encourage datacentre managers to look at ITIL.

The push to go green, whether it be decommissioning old equipment to analysing power consumption, will push organisations to have an added level of detail around change management processes, and look more closely at ITIL.

Really? So the drive to greener and denser datacenters promote ITIL presumably due to their greater complexity?

I believe the most significant risk to ITIL adoption was summed up here:

He [Yellen] pointed to an organisational divide between the IT department and the datacentre manager, with potentially damaging consequences.

I would like to know what kind of data was stored in those 3 to 5 configuration information systems. Was there any pattern to the kinds of data that lead to the datacenter managers to maintain it separately?

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  1. What Aperture sells is a system that tracks the dependencies of server to rack to CDU to PDU, along with power modeling. Useful stuff, but you can implement their system and still need a CMDB on top of it to track dependencies like switch to server to database to application to application.

  2. Charles T. Betz said…
    PS there is a whole architecture to this stuff. See“ REL=”nofollow”>herehere,“ REL=”nofollow”>here, and“ REL=”nofollow”>here.