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More on nobody caring about ITIL…


Damon Edwards / 

CMDB is probably the most tangible “thing” you can pull out of ITIL… but can anyone actually name one organization that’s actually successfully established an ITIL prescribed CMDB that actually does something meaningful across the organization?

Edit (8/31): Perhaps I was a bit too glib with my original post. What I was really looking for is pointers to empirical evidence of where a “full” CMDB implementation has provided tangible benefit from a business point of view. This could either be in the form of substantial cost savings or increased revenue production. (The business case for why you would want to attempt a CMDB is understandable… but where are the actual bottom line benefits?)

2 Responses

  1. Yes. Best Buy, for one.

  2. And I can’t name my current employer, but we do have one now; it is useful, and we are investing more in it. Incrementally.